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What was Earth’s largest explosion?

About 4.5 billion years in the past, a Mars-size physique slammed into the younger Earth, which possible created the moon. (Picture credit score: johan63/Getty Photographs)

From early asteroid bombardment to the event of nuclear weapons, some huge detonations have battered our planet. However Earth‘s largest explosion varies by the dimensions you are contemplating, from human-created to blasts from large area rocks. 

Among the many largest human-caused explosions on file, a Soviet superweapon known as Tsar Bomba tops the checklist. In the meantime, the most important explosion with a terrestrial origin got here from the climate-altering Toba supervolcano greater than 70,000 years in the past. As for the most important blast from an extraterrestrial supply that left clear proof, an asteroid heftier than the one which killed the dinosaurs carved the big Vredefort crater 2 billion years in the past.



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