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What did King Tut appear to be?

This photograph reveals the mum of Tutankhamun being moved throughout conservation work. King Tut’s mummy has been “considerably altered” from how he appeared throughout his lifetime, so it is tough to make an correct reconstruction of him. (Picture credit score: Ben Curtis/AFP by way of Getty Photographs)

100 years in the past, on Nov. 4, 1922, an archaeological workforce found the tomb of Tutankhamun, revealing many “great issues” from historic Egypt, together with the boy king’s mummy. 

These discoveries supplied a wealth of data on Tutankhamun, who ascended the throne at about age 9 and died when he was about 19. Nonetheless, precisely what the pharaoh appeared like stays unsure. Research have examined his well being, and there have been a lot of makes an attempt to just about reconstruct his likeness. 



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