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Ought to Joe Biden Run Once more?

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Image for article titled Should Joe Biden Run Again?

At this time, President Joe Biden has the world towards him. Regardless of his numerous legislative wins, many so-called Democrats would fairly see among the finest public servants in trendy American historical past pack his luggage, depart the White Home, and retire. Properly, to them I say: You can not be extra incorrect. Joe Biden deserves 4 extra years of constructing my centrist child boomer pussy soaking wet.

Sorry, Bernie Bros. I’m a 67-year-old lifelong Democrat; my vagina is totally saturated with thick, scorching clam sauce from the mere considered a second Joe Biden time period; and there’s completely nothing you are able to do about it.

That’s proper. Even simply mentioning Joe Biden and his average agenda has woke up throughout the very depths of my loins a scorching, effervescent spring of freshly squeezed, unpasteurized pussy nectar. From the day he was elected, Joe Biden started working fixing America, and simply serious about it, as I sort, is conjuring forth a geyser of juices so highly effective it’s all however melted a gaping gap in my high-waisted granny panties.

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