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‘If institutions apolitical, why hold a press conference’: Imran raises questions on ISPR presser – Pakistan

PTI chairman Imran Khan on Thursday raised questions on the unprecedented press conference held by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed Anjum and Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) DG Lt Gen Babar Iftikhar earlier today, saying that if institutions were apolitical what was the purpose of holding a “political presser”.

In an interview with journalist Amir Mateen aired on 92 News, the former premier said that today’s press conference was “unprecedented” and “never heard of”.

“Either there should be some issue that concerns them, like security, but they held a political press conference so I don’t understand this. Could the defence or interior minister or prime minister not have done this? What was their [the institutions’] job in holding the press conference?”

The PTI chief then went on to say that if he started giving answers “it will cause a lot of damage to the country”.

“Ever since I was removed from the government, I tried the best to prevent any harm to the country and army from my side. I know that if I say anything about the establishment it will impact the army.

“But when they do a press conference like this […] and if I start responding […] it will directly go on our army and I don’t want to hurt them in any way. This is why I always try that my criticism is constructive and beneficial,” Imran said.

alleged that blood would be shed and bodies would fall during the PTI long march — slated to commence from Lahore on Friday, October 28.

Countering Vawda’s claims today, Qureshi said that his presser was an attempt to spread fear among people. “Immediately after the announcement of the march, we received information that the people were enthusiastic and had started preparing for it.

“To lead them astray and create fear amongst them, this was a weak effort which failed,” Qureshi said, highlighting that live coverage was given to Vawda even by the state television.

He then called on people to participate in the long march, promising that it will be peaceful.

Qureshi continued that it was being said that PTI was trying to spur political instability. “We did not create political instability, instead, we are representing its solution, we think political instability has arrived and are presenting a democratic solution — elections.”

The PTI leader added that PTI had always respected institutions and defended them.

“To give the perception that we want to damage the sanctity of institution is contrary to reality. Imran Khan has had a stance and said again and again that a strong army is the need of Pakistan,” he said.

However, in an answer to a question from media persons, Qureshi said that if the military was apolitical, it “should not have held this press conference at all.”



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