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How Tesla engineers operating Twitter made an error & revealed how they fired 50 per cent of Twitter’s employees- Know-how Information, Firstpost

Your complete saga of Elon Musk firing practically 50 per cent of Twitter’s world workforce has been a clown present, and if some former staff of Twitter are to be believed, the way through which Twitter’s administration has handled all the things is much more comical.

First, Musk took to Twitter in an try and paint the terminations as one thing which he needed to do, to make sure that Twitter survives

Engineers from Musk’s SpaceX, Tesla and Boring Co. who had been managing Twitter erroneously made public Slack channels and mentioned the firing of Twitter’s staff and the way they might go about it. Picture Credit score: AP

Then there was the way through which Twitter fired its employees. Whereas most individuals who had been terminated had been notified by e mail, quite a lot of former Twitter staff have revealed that the way in which they discovered that they not labored with Twitter, was once they discovered that their work laptops and computer systems had been wiped remotely and once they couldn’t log in to their work-related programs, reminiscent of emails and Slack.

Quickly, after terminating virtually 3700 folks in a somewhat unceremonious method, Twitter’s administration has reached out to dozens of staff who had been ‘erroneously’ fired. The administration has additionally reached out to a number of different staff, primarily Android and iOS builders, after realising that they’d the required abilities and expertise to execute Musk’s plans for Twitter.

If this wasn’t comical sufficient, then what a Twitter person named Gergely Orosz has revealed concerning the firings got here to be, will certainly make you shake your head in dismay.

Twitter’s administration that fired all these folks, primarily consisted of Tesla, SpaceX and Boring Firm engineers that Elon Musk had introduced together with him. Now, barring Twitter, all of Musk’s corporations use companies from Microsoft for his or her inside communications. For instance, as a substitute of slack, Musk’s corporations use MS Groups. 

The brand new Twitter administration, comprising of solely the staff that Musk had introduced with him, determined to create Slack channels to speak amongst themselves. Whereas MS Groups channels are non-public by default, Slack channels are public, which means folks working in Twitter might simply entry what was being stated in these group chats.

The brand new administration had been discussing issues like how Elon expects an inventory of individuals to be fired throughout organisations. Presumably, in addition they created the lists and shared it on these Slack channels.

The brand new Twitter administration realised that their channels had been public and so, they deleted them quickly. Nonetheless, the staff of Twitter who had come throughout these chats and lists have already taken screenshots of those lists.

From the conversations and the lists what turned clear, was that the individuals who had been terminated had been chosen arbitrarily, and naturally with out exit interviews.

Now, had the terminations been carried out in a respectful and dignified method, the probabilities of these screenshots surfacing can be minimal. Nonetheless, given how acrimonious the exit was for many staff, count on to see these screenshots out within the open quickly.



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