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How do we know when blood oxygen is too low?

How do we know when blood oxygen is too low? Blood oxygen levels should ideally be kept within a specific range. This is because oxygen-infused blood maintains everything from your brain functionality to keeping your fingers moving correctly. If your blood oxygen is too low, and levels fall outside the ideal range, this is a serious indicator that your lungs are not loading the right amount of blood cells with oxygen, which affects your heart’s ability to circulate oxygenated blood throughout the rest of your body. If the body isn’t distributing the right amount of oxygen to your heart, this can seriously impact your health, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (opens in new tab)

With the rise of the best fitness trackers that measure the amount of oxygen being carried by blood cells through your system, keeping an eye to check if your blood oxygen is too low has become easier than ever. Fitness trackers that offer this added functionality can help you manage the right blood oxygen percentage for your body and even detect potential health problems. For example a tracker might alert you to prevent oxygen saturation levels dipping from extreme exercise conditions, like high altitude mountain hiking. For more information about fitness trackers, read our how accurate are fitness trackers? (opens in new tab) guide.



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