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Girls5eva Is Leaving Peacock for a New Home: All the Details

Girls5eva isn’t on Peacock 4eva. 

The hit series, which follows the titular, one-hit-wonder girls group from the 90s, will be moving to Netflix for its third season.

“Our deepest thanks to Peacock for bringing Girls5eva to life and supporting us creatively at every turn since the first pitch,” the show’s executive producers, including Tina Fey, wrote in a statement. “Today, we are thrilled to announce that our reunited girl group will be re-reunited at Netflix. We are so thankful to everyone at the streamer who fell in love with our music-filled comedy. We cannot wait to introduce Dawn, Wickie, Summer, and Gloria to the global Netflix audience.”

The statement went on to quip that the girl group has actually already been introduced on the streamer, joking that “Girls5eva can be seen in the background of the Woodstock ’99 documentary setting a porta potty on fire.”



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