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Black Adam Credits Song Gets High Praise From Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has thrown his support behind the electric end credits song of his hit anti-hero extravaganza Black Adam. The DC blockbuster tells the story of Teth Adam who is gifted superpowers by the forces that be. However, when he uses his powers as fuel for commanding justice ruthlessly, he is sealed in a tomb for five decades. The film follows his journey to unlikely heroism as he navigates the blurry lines between good and evil and steps — or storms — into his role as protector of the people.

Black Adam‘s end credits have already caused quite the Superman-shaped stir — courtesy of a shock appearance from Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. However, that is not the only aspect of the credits garnering attention. According to Johnson, the film’s end credits track “Exile,” which was written by Eric Zayne (who also performs the song), Lauren Hashian and Naz Tokio, has earned widespread audience approval. “Our powerful BLACK ADAM end credit song is getting so much LOVE,” Johnson wrote in an Instagram post. “INSPIRING so many people with its emotional lyrics written by @laurenhashianofficial, @naztokio, @ericzayne and visceral performance from @ericzayne.”


Johnson went on to add that he specifically requested the trio create a song that embodied the depth of Teth Adam’s character. “My one ask to Lauren, Naz & Eric was for them to deliver a powerful song that was commensurate with the power and attitude of the character of BLACK ADAM and people all over the world who REFUSE to be held down,” he explained. “Man did they ever deliver. Proud of them.”

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Oozing explosive rebellion and outspoken defiance through its aggressive — yet still anthemic — rhythm,Exile” taps into the pain surrounding Teth Adam’s appetite for vengeance. Zayne’s raspy vocals echo this in the song’s spine-tingling lyrics: “I rise from the ashes with smoke in my veins. I ripped these chains and built this crown from my pain. I’ll take back my freedom or die in vain. I heard the cry, I’d rather die than live in exile.” The video for the track includes monumental shots of Teth Adam dethroning Kahndaq’s tyrannical leader after years under his oppressive rule. Intense guitar riffs are timed to perfection with clips of Adam’s reawakening following his 5,000-year entrapment. Other noteworthy scenes include a clip of Kahndaq’s people joining forces as they rise against their dictators and a heartbreaking scene of Adam’s wife and son being brutally murdered in front of his eyes.

“Exile” feels like a fitting ending to Black Adam given that Johnson has been vocal about how he fought to bring the Man in Black to the silver screen following years of being shut down or offered the opportunity to embody other heroes. The Hollywood sensation’s pride over Black Adam has been evident in the weeks since the film’s release and it’s clear the battle was worth fighting with his portrayal as the titular hero earning him both critical and audience acclaim. This positivity has bled into the box office figures with the movie sitting on a proud domestic total of $111 million in 10 days.

Black Adam is in theaters now. You can check out the video for “Exile” and Johnson’s post below.

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