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5 potential advantages of collagen

Collagen is discovered all through the physique in muscle tissue, bones, connective tissue and pores and skin, and is one thing we create ourselves from amino acids. It’s the most ample protein within the physique, however you could have heard there are some potential advantages of collagen when taken as a dietary complement. 

As we age, our our bodies grow to be much less efficient at making collagen, and we might discover ourselves with brittle nails, thinner hair and extra fragile pores and skin. That is because of the presence of collagen within the epidermal layer of the pores and skin, which is the place our hair follicles reside and age-related collagen manufacturing drop off. In addition to the seen indicators of getting older, we might really feel the results of much less collagen in our our bodies within the type of joint ache and weaker muscle tissue. 



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