October 4, 2022

4 Best Apps To Budget Money More Efficiently

PocketGuard is designed to track all of your spendings, show you where the money goes, and helps predict how you will end the month. It’s a great app for anybody who wants a better view of their expenses and cash flow. 

After the registration, connect your bank accounts, and the app will estimate your income and repeated expenses. Next, add your credit and debit cards, and all your purchases will be automatically uploaded. Once you finish, you can set your savings goals and work towards achieving them.

The app is packed with free features, such as “In My Pocket”. It’s an algorithm that uses your income, bills, savings goals, and estimated expenses to tell you how much you spend each month. Another is the “Spending Pie Chart”, which helps you analyze your spending using the pie chart. 

There are a few other features that are out of charge, but to enjoy the full potential of PocketGuard and use its premium tools, you must purchase a paid subscription. It costs $7.99 per month, $34.99 per year, or $79.99 for a lifetime subscription.

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