October 4, 2022

PuzzWord App Review

The simplicity of using this game and the difficulty in guessing the correct word are the main reasons why it is so good to play it.

The interface is very transparent, the words and letters are large enough to see everything, and the rules couldn’t be more simple. You type the word, see if you hit the letter, and keep guessing until you discover the hidden word.

However, we often do not realize how many words exist. According to the Free Dictionary list, there are more than 158,000 five-letter words. With such an enormous volume, guessing the right word can give you a lot of trouble, and this is what can get you into hours of playing this game.

The longer you try to find the word, and the more you struggle, the happier you are when you finally do it. Soon after you guess your first word, you will see that discovering the next ones becomes easier for you, and you can start increasing the difficulty levels.

PuzzWord was inspired by another game, Wordle. However, with PuzzWord you can discover as many words a day as you wish, while Wordle allows you to solve only one.

As a matter of fact, there are tons of games that are modeled after WORDLE, but compared to them, PuzzWord is simply the best.

It’s because it lets you put correct letters in their spots and try to fill in blank places to guess the main word without having to spell letters over from the beginning. You can also delete individual letters without having to erase the whole word.


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