July 3, 2022

The Dutch spend €40 million on flash delivery

Flash delivery startups have seen their turnover grow in the Netherlands. Research estimates that by the end of 2021, Dutch consumers were spending around 40 million euros per month on flash deliveries. This growth is expected to continue throughout this year, meaning that a total turnover of 1 billion euros can be achieved in 2022.

Delivery startups have been growing across Europe, especially those focused on flash delivery. In March last year, Gorillas launched in the UK for example, after entering the Dutch market. Dutch consumers have a wide range of choices when they want their groceries to be delivered quickly, as Flink, Getir, and Zapp are also active in that country.

700.000 consumers use grocery delivery

Research in November 2021 by Kantar, a Dutch research agency, concludes that around 700.000 Dutch consumers make use of flash delivery services. This is a strong growth, because in the first half of 2021, that amount was estimated at 200.000.

‘Around 13% of Dutch consumers live in areas where grocery delivery startups are active.’

The growth can be attributed to the growing number of companies, but also to the growing delivery area that’s available. Around 13 percent of Dutch consumers live in an area where flash deliverers are active. According to additional research by Markteffect, another Dutch research agency, at least 11 percent of Dutch consumers use flash delivery services.

40 million euros per month

At the end of 2021, consumers spent around 40 million euros per month on flash deliveries. This amount is based on the average spend per order and the amount of times that customers placed orders per month. This would mean that Dutch consumers spend around half a billion euros on flash deliveries per year.

‘There’s a chance that a turnover of 1 billion euros will be reached this year.’

“If this growth continues in 2022, then there’s a chance that a turnover of more than 1 billion euros will be reached this year. This is a very fast growth for a type of service that wasn’t available within the Netherlands until two years ago”, says Kantar. However, it remains to be seen whether the growth will continue at this rate, as the research agency also states that a large part of the customers won’t become long-term returning customers.

Familiarity with flash delivery

The research by Markteffect states that 50 percent of Dutch consumers are familiar with the concept of flash delivery. However, 61 percent of consumers between 18 and 34 years old are familiar with it, while this percentage lowers with age. A majority of Dutch consumers between 35 and 54 are familiar with the concept (54 percent), and 40 percent of consumers above 55 years old are familiar with it.

German delivery startup Gorillas is the most well known under Dutch consumers (42 percent). The startup is followed by Flink (20 percent), Zapp (11 percent) and Getir (11 percent).

Forgotten groceries reason to place order

Most orders are placed for forgotten groceries (49 percent). A large group (44 percent) also use the service to buy groceries for dinner. While younger consumers also use it for lunch (43 percent), snacks (41 percent), and drinks (32 percent).

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