June 30, 2022

VentureLAB announces recipients of the 2021 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund to support development of innovation network in York Region

VentureLAB, a global founder community for hardware technology and enterprise software companies in Canada, and the Regional Municipality of York (York Region) last week announced the recipients of the 2021 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund, which aims to develop the innovation network in the region. 

Funded with the support of York Region, it enables local organizations to increase innovation and elevate sustainability while expanding inclusion, diversity, and accessibility.

The recipients of the funds include nine early-stage start-ups, accelerators, incubators, and community partners in the region that offer innovative solutions or services. The fund is divided into two streams, one for non-profit community partners and the other for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Stream one of the program provides each qualified community partner with $10,000 in funding for activities or initiatives that promote, support, or enhance entrepreneurship or innovation in the region. 2021 recipients in this category include Ella Accelerator, an accelerator and community for women entrepreneurs, and TechConnex, a technology community offering opportunities for peer education, networking and knowledge sharing in the region. 

Stream two of the program provides each qualified small business and/or entrepreneur with $10,000 in funding for solutions that boost productivity and innovation across supply chains by leveraging AI. The 2021 recipients in this category include AutoMetrics, an industrial automation startup;  computer vision sensing technology development company DeepSight; 3D printing firm Mech Solutions; AI-powered solution firm Mely AI Technologies; AI-enabled immersive software technology development firm OVA; warehouse management solutions provider Portable Intelligence; and intelligent radio technologies provider Qoherent

In addition, VentureLAB acknowledged the the finalists who qualified for the second round of the application process. They include advanced technology provider EPIC Semiconductors; demand-side platform provider Fast Approach; and specialist in hardware IP and firmware for low-power and ultra-low-power IoT Low Power Futures

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