June 30, 2022

TikTok Launches New ‘TikTok Seller’ App in Indonesia to Facilitate eCommerce Activity

TikTok is looking to facilitate more eCommerce activity with the launch of a new ‘TikTok Seller’ app, which enables brands on TikTok to manage all aspects of their in-app product listings in a separate, dedicated space.

TikTok Seller App

Currently only available to brands in Indonesia, the TikTok Seller app:

“…enables sellers to manage their TikTok Shop via mobile phone. Available features including but not limited to seller registration, product management, order management, return&refund management, promotion management , customer service, data analysis, campaign registration and seller education.

The summary is fairly basic, which indicates the early stage development of the app, but the idea is that the tool will eventually enable eCommerce brands to more easily manage their TikTok product listings, wherever they are, in order to maximize sales performance in the app.

TikTok provided the following statement to TechCrunch on the new tool:

“We are always looking at ways to enhance our community’s experience and regularly test new features that inspire creativity, bring joy and innovate the TikTok experience. Brands on TikTok have found a creative outlet to authentically connect with audiences, and we’re excited to experiment with new commerce opportunities that enable our community to discover and engage with what they love.”

TikTok has been gradually evolving its eCommerce offerings, with product listings on selected profiles, shopping live-streams, and previews of coming promotional and highlight options in clips.

TikTok product promotion tools

In-stream shopping has already been a winner for TikTok’s parent company ByteDance with the Chinese version of the app, with ‘Douyin’ now generating the majority of its revenue from in-stream shopping.

In this sense, TikTok has a head start, as it’s been refining its in-stream shopping tools in Douyin for years, which means that when they eventually do make it to western audiences, they’ll be well developed, and aligned with platform trends, helping to maximize take-up.

And with fewer opportunities for in-stream ads, TikTok needs to implement new monetization tools to help its top creators make money on the platform. That’s why you can expect TikTok to push ahead with its eCommerce additions quickly, with the next wave of tools, likely including this new Seller app, set to make their way to more audiences early in the new year.

And at a billion users and rising, that’ll make it a much bigger consideration for many retailers.

There’s no word on a broader launch of the new app, but as noted, expect it to be coming sometime soon.

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