June 30, 2022

LinkedIn Shares New Insights into the Gen Z Audience on the Platform [Infographic]

As you’ve no doubt read many times, Gen Z is increasingly becoming a critical market for all businesses, and will soon be the largest generation of consumers around the world.

Which, of course, makes sense. That’s essentially how time works – as younger people grow up, and become adults and employees, and therefore become a larger focus for businesses in every way.

That’s not really a revelation, but it is worth noting the interests and consumption behaviors of Gen Z, and the factors that can influence their actions, in regards to marketing outreach.

Which is what this new overview from LinkedIn provides. LinkedIn has analyzed data from the 78 million Gen Z members on its platform to look at how they engage, how they spend, why they purchase from different companies, and more.

You can check out LinkedIn’s full report here, or take a look at the infographic overview below.

LinkedIn Gen Z infographic
LinkedIn Gen Z infographic

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