July 3, 2022

homepage title showing up twice with yoast seo in wordpress

homepage title showing up twice with yoast seo in wordpress , many WordPress users, developers and owners sometimes will have problem with their homepage title inside WordPress, the major problem is that your WordPress website homepage title showing up twice times, this is will effect your website SEO and ranking inside search engine result pages as google, bing, and yahoo.

On below picture i show you why this is happened and how to resolve this issue for sure and it will fixed for sure and it will delete the duplicate of the title of the homepage.


As the title of the WordPress site is displaying the title twice – double one after the other
– means IT blog- IT blog as this example….. in google search listings this is will effect your SEO surely and will decrease your showing at the first page as this is seems as fraud. 

homepage title doubled in wordpress

Most of those websites that have this issue and doubled the homepage title is installed SEO plugin that called Yoast seo plugin.

The Yoast SEO sometimes if it’s not configured correctly can make this problem in the main homepage and make the duplication of the title and make big problem for SEO inside your website.


Step by Step how to fix homepage title showing up twice in wordpress

  1. Open WordPress Homepage.
  2. Try to sign in the control panel of the WordPress wp-admin.
  3. Go now to the pages Tab.
  4. Select the main homepage that you made and click edit.
  5. Search about Yoast SEO Settings part by go down at the same page.
  6. Look at Google Preview.
  7. Expand and click on Edit Snippet.
  8. Click On Edit Snippet.
  9. Now you will see that it contain Site title, Separator, title.
  10. You will need to delete the duplicate now and make sure it as below picture by removing Title or the Site Title From SEO title Field, one of them must be deleted as this is from it.
  11. Now save the work that you did and test the web page and you will find that this problem fixed for sure.
Wordpress homepage title showing up twice

page title showing up twice

Finally refresh you WordPress homepage and you will see that the WordPress title is not duplicated anymore and your SEO will be excellent.

If you have any related problem with this issue or in the WordPress title please leave a comment below and i will help you.
homepage title showing up twice with yoast seo in WordPress.

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