June 30, 2022

Red Hat plops Celonis EMS on AWS cloud

Red Hat, IBM, and data processing company Celonis have announced general availability of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) on Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA) as a managed cloud service.

Celonis EMS applies real-time process intelligence to system data to diagnose inefficiencies in business processes (sales, customer operations, supply and delivery, payables and collections, etc.) and drive automated action. The intent is to identify and unlock full process execution capacity across organizations and remove cloud infrastructure complexity as a challenge.

By deploying Celonis EMS on ROSA, users can focus on improving business processes while leveraging Kubernetes to speed up time to value, Red Hat said. Celonis, Red Hat, and IBM announced in April a partnership aimed at accelerating the adoption of Celonis, with IBM Global Services implementing Celonis software as part of its methodology.

AWS is the first public cloud to offer Celonis on Red Hat OpenShift. Support for other clouds including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is planned for the near future.

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