June 30, 2022

Remove unused JavaScript to reduce bytes consumed by network activity

As all known that most websites is depending on javascript as it allows you to make many good functions secure and good performance wise.

But at the last updates from google page speed it show us strange message that request from every website owner to Remove Unused JavaScript, this notes will slow the website speed as well and for sure it will effect your website speed and SEO, as you know that page speed is main rank factor for SEO.

As you see in the above image, you will note that most of the javascript that must be removed the source from google as example googlesyndication , googleapis and googleservices, all those files is not hosted inside our website it’s from google, and this is make most of owners annoying from those problem.

How to Remove unused JavaScript

Your website will contain many codes as CSS or JavaScript that’s not used in every page that you test it, so you must make sure that this codes is removed so your website will have very good page speed and for sure this will give you excellent SEO so your pages will become in the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

The best way to minimize and remove the latency caused by JavaScript loading and
rendering time is to cut down on the JavaScript footprint; an obvious way to do
this is to remove or defer JavaScript rules that aren’t actually used by the
current pages after that you will get very good page speed.

I will give me you many resources that will help you to know how to remove unused JavaScript as below please try it and you will get very good result:-

1- Remove unused code from this link.

2- Remove unused CSS from this link also.

3- This website is very helpful on how to remove unused codes this link.

Some of  websites owner recommend to purchase CDN that means content delivery network as cloudflare and many others as this is may be solve this issue but this website IT Blog is subscribing with cloudflare and the same issue.

Remove Unused JavaScript Code With  Chrome DevTools

Chroom DevTools have The Coverage tab that can help you to find and remove unused JavaScript code. Removing unused code can make your pages faster load and save your mobile users cellular internet data.

On this link you will find step by step how to find and remove unused JavaScript code with the coverage tab in google chrome Development tools.

Finally if you have any way to remove unused JavaScript professionally you can drop the link or the info in below and we will test it and add it to this article.

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