October 5, 2022

Google Cloud’s AI/ML stack to power Toronto firm’s NLP platform

Google Cloud has announced a multi-year tech partnership with Toronto-based software firm Cohere in which Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) infrastructure will power Cohere’s natural language processing (NLP) platform. 

In its Nov. 17 announcement, Google Cloud said many of Cohere’s products will be developed and deployed on Cloud’s tensor processing units (TPUs), Google’s supercomputers that are optimized for large-scale ML, and power Google products like Translate, Photos, Search, Assistant, and Gmail. This will enable Cohere to broaden access to advanced large language models (LLMs) and NLP to more small businesses and large enterprises

“Leading companies around the world are using AI to fundamentally transform their business processes and deliver more helpful customer experiences,” said Thomas Kurian, chief executive officer of Google Cloud. “Our work with Cohere will make it easier and more cost-effective for any organization to realize the possibilities of AI with powerful NLP services powered by Google’s custom-designed Tensor Processing Units (TPUs).”

The technology allows clients to build products and services capable of understanding, processing, and generating language that’s similar to how humans communicate naturally using Cohere’s NLP models. Additionally, Cohere explained that with little coding, customers can fine-tune its models with proprietary datasets and integrate them into their products through an API.

The partnering organizations say that, with Cohere and Google Cloud’s technologies, they want to help enterprises of all sizes gain easy access to NLP technologies – from data analysis and semantic search, to voice assistants and chatbots – to unlock the value of the massive quantities of data they generate. 

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