October 5, 2022

Skype History Location for different computer windows

Skype History Location for different computer windows

If you got a new computer like me then you probably want to move your Skype history from your old computer to the new one. In my case I needed to move my Skype history from a Windows XP computer to a Windows 7 computer.

This is fairly easy but you want to make sure to do this as quickly as possible so you don’t loose any new conversations on the new computer when you copy the actual data over to the new computer.

Follow the directions below and you will have all of your Skype history on the new computer in no time. The below has the same concept on any Operating System but the guidelines are very similar for all Windows computers and Windows Vista has the same path as Windows 7.

Move Skype History

The easiest way to complete the below direction is by using a thumb drive though you can transfer the data over the network via network shares, using an external hard drive, or any other way you can get the old data onto the new computer. Simply replace USERNAME in the paths below to the user for which Skype is installed.

Windows XP Skype History Folder Location:
C:Documents and SettingsWINDOWSUSERNAMEApplication DataSkype

Skype History location for Windows Vista

Windows Vista Skype History Folder Location:

Skype History location for Windows 7

Windows 7 Skype History Folder Location:


Skype History location for Windows10

The Skype desktop app saves the backup file in %appdata%skype<Skype Name>main.db.


Steps how to move Skype history

  1. Shutdown Skype On Old PC: Make sure that Skype is turned off on the old computer.
  2. Copy Skype History To USB Drive: Copy the entire Skype directory from above to your USB thumb drive.
  3. Shutdown Skype: Make sure that Skype is turned off on the new computer.
  4. Backup Skype History Locally: On the new computer copy the current Skype folder mentioned in the path listing above based on Windows OS(Operating System) to a place like your Desktop or somewhere else where it will be convenient to access if necessary.
  5. Replace Chatsync Folders: Connect the USB drive to the new computer and navigate to the inside of the Skype folder you copied from the old computer. In the Skype directory you should see sub directories that are named the same as your Skype usernames. Drag the chatsync folder from one of the username folders to the new computer into the username folder on the new computer again using the path references above to locate the Skype history folder. This will overwrite any conversations you have had since installing Skype on the new computer but I imagine your history is more important on the old computer if you have just recently installed Skype. Below are examples of specifically what folder should move from the old computer to the new computer.Move This Skype Chat History Folder From Windows XP:
    1 C:Documents and SettingsWINDOWSUSERNAMEApplication DataSkypeSKYPEUSERchatsync

    To Overwrite This Skype Chat History Folder On Windows 7:

    1 C:UsersWINDOWSUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingSkypeSKYPEUSERchatsync
  6. Start Skype & Log On To Skype: Now launch Skype on the new computer. When launching Skype you may get an error complaining about logon credentials but don’t worry about this right now. If you simply type in your username and password and click login then you should not see the credentials error again. You should now be able to browse your chat history that was stored on the old computer on the new computer.

Repeat step five for any other users you want to copy over the history from another computer to the new computer. Just remember that if you waited to do this for any length of time that next time it would be easier to not have a single conversation before you move over your Skype history.     

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