October 3, 2022

How to Choose A Computer Repair Company

It can be very upsetting when your computer breaks down. It probably has the whole of your business on there and you need someone that you can trust to take care of your device. It can be a lot to ask and that is why we are sharing the following five tips to help you feel better about your choice of repair company / person.

#1 Avoid the Big Brands

The big-box stores have name recognition, which makes a lot of people feel more secure, but the reason they are well known and have big storefronts is to sell stuff. Their people are salespeople first and their staff are not going to be experienced with computer and device repair.

For harder repair jobs, the big-box stores send your device to a centralized location, where the repair technicians are. So now you will have to wait for your computer to ship to and from that location, this can mean the repair may stretch out to a week or two! On top of that you do not know where your computer is or who is working on it.

#2 Research the Types of Support

Would you like the repair technician to come to your location, you visit them or can the repair be done remotely?

Some benefits of the repair being done onsite at your premises are:

  • You can see what is happening and meet the person doing the repair.
  • It will save you the hassle of unplugging the device, driving to the repair location and then having to plug it all back in when it is fixed.
  • You can actually test that everything works in your own environment.

A benefit of remote support is that the computer repair organisation may be able to remote in straight away (or soon after) your initial contact and fix the issue very quickly.

With the drop-off and pickup from the repair shop’s own brick-and-mortar store method it may save you some money but make sure to ask whether your device will remain on-site at all times.

#3 Consult Customer Reviews

You may start out by asking other business colleagues, staff, family and friends to suggest someone they have worked with previously. But also check out online reviews (eg Google and Facebook)  as customer reviews can help you see what others experiences have been with the service providers.

#4 Do Not Select By Price Alone

Yes we all love a bargain, but it may not be the best option when it comes to computer repair. Taking the budget approach, you could get an inexperienced tech with slightly more know-how than you. But on the other hand, going for the most expensive repair company does not guarantee the best service either.

#5 Ask About Any Service Guarantee

Speaking of guaranteeing service, look for a service guarantee. A reputable IT repair company won’t charge you if they fail to fix your device. They should also be able to work out whether it makes more sense to make the fix or replace the computer.

The IT experts at DP Computing are here to help you repair any computer issues. We can work on-site, remote in or you can bring your device to us for the professional attention it needs. Contact us today to help fix your IT issues.

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