October 4, 2022

Lighthouse Labs to offer free JavaScript training to Canadians

Canadian tech education company Lighthouse Labs is back with its free 21-Day Coding Challenge, which will this year give prospective coders an opportunity to learn JavaScript through 15-30 minute daily challenges

Every task will be educational and habit-building, designed to feed participants’ knowledge and confidence in coding. There will be multiple prizes up for grabs, including a secret grand prize, according to the company.

Starting Nov. 5, the free initiative is open to both individuals and teams of all skill levels. With its ‘intergalactic’ theme, the challenge will make participants think of the JavaScript knowledge they’ll gain as a new, cutting-edge and shiny space shuttle: “it’s a cool ride but, ultimately, you decide where you want it to take you,” Lighthouse Labs noted.

Register here to join the challenge and learn to code. Complete challenges by December 12th for a chance to win the grand prize, finalist prizes, or one of the daily prize giveaways.

No JavaScript experience? You’re still eligible to participate

For those who are beginners, Lighthouse Labs says it has put together some prep resources that will offer basic knowledge so participants can build a foundation and excel at the daily coding challenges. 

Those who have signed up can also start sharpening their skills with the following resources recommended by Lighthouse Labs:

  • Build your foundation by understanding the structure of the 21-Day Challenge and getting acquainted with the five key concepts you’ll need to succeed.
  • Plan for success with a few tips that will help you prepare for the Challenge. 
  • Take it one step further and check out Lighthouse Labs’ free online courses to dive deeper into JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and iOS.

New Lighthouse Labs program to provide digital skills to 250 eligible Ontarians

Lighthouse Labs connecting post-secondary grads with SMBs and non-profits through Digital Skills for Youth program


JavaScript is present on more than 97 per cent of sites across the web. This indicates how in-demand it is for use by professional developers and coding hobbyists alike. It is also consistently one of the top three languages in highest demand in the job market in Canada. But there is a skills shortage in Canada, withlack of access to digital skilling as one of its contributing factors. 

The tech education company says it aims to bridge that gap through its various programs, and ensure every participant leaves this year’s 21-Day Coding Challenge with a brand new space map of just how many possibilities can open up to them with JavaScript.

Lighthouse Labs’ last challenge in 2019 helped almost 10,000 people develop a daily coding habit. This November, they want to help even more future coders learn the foundations of JavaScript to help propel their careers and develop a new skill.

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