October 3, 2022

Why is Topology Essential for Businesses?

Topological diagrams can be used to create templates for better communication between staff and clients.

FREMONT, CA: As more businesses rely on technology, networking can become increasingly difficult. As a result, a network topology plan that gives a clear picture of what is at stake is always beneficial.

Having topologies in place has several advantages. Here are a few examples.

Ease of Training and Onboarding

It is not always easy to onboard new employees and engineers if the network is not well-managed. Topologies can act as ‘roadmaps’ for understanding how everything connects if one is working with experienced people. A topology can be used as a guiding diagram in a variety of ways. Additionally, this can assist engineers new to the infrastructure in comprehending the potential consequences of each event. It is also handing over the keys to the vehicle to engineers who already know how to drive.

Network Health Diagnostics

In addition, topologies assist in identifying problem areas in the networks. For example, packet loss could occur at points A through F. Which of the two points between them is causing the network to fail? One can use topology to zero on weak links in the chain. They can also adjust the field by narrowing it down to points C or D, for example. Topology also ensures that each party in the network gets enough resources. A real-time monitoring solution will enable one to identify and address issues as they arise.

Smooth Communication

One can create ‘systems’ with the help of a suitable topology that works well in practice. As a reference point, these can be useful. Topology diagrams serve as excellent roadmaps once more. Topological diagrams can be used to create templates for better communication between staff and clients. These systems assist in keeping everyone on the same page. There is also more accountability if everyone understands the cause-and-effect relationship. One can also use diagrams to help create guides and manuals while on the road.


The cost-effectiveness of topology is perhaps one of the essential knock-on effects. A clear roadmap can assist in identifying inefficient network operations, and one might be able to eliminate some elements from the cycle. In addition, more productive workforce is a result of a more efficient topology. The math dictates that one can expect to deliver higher-quality work in less time. The result is increased revenue and more space to meet demand. Thus, it is all about growth.

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