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Hello, that is Barry, and welcome to my web site. Shimmer Lake is a 2017 crime drama on Netflix, a directorial debut for the screenplay author Oren Uziel. The movie is an excellent darkish comedy a couple of financial institution theft gone incorrect narrated in reverse order. The forged contains Benjamin Walker, Rainn Wilson, Stephanie Sigman, John Michael Higgins, Mark Rendall and Wyatt Russell within the central roles. Right here’s the plot walkthrough in chronological order, and the ending of the film Shimmer Lake defined; spoilers forward.

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Shimmer Lake Ending Defined: Who killed Andy?

The ending of the film Shimmer Lake reveals that Zeke is the one with the Tatoo on his arm and kills his brother Andy. Steph and Zeke avenge their illegitimate son’s dying (Ed Jr) and are the masterminds behind the murders of Ed, Andy, Choose Dawkins, and Chris.

Shimmer Lake: What occurred to Ed Jr?

Ed Jr was killed in a Meth Lab explosion brought on by Ed and Chris. Ed is careless sufficient to maintain his son by his facet within the place he’s illegally cooking meth in uncontrolled situations. It’s later revealed that Ed Jr is Zeke’s son with Steph and never Ed’s.

The Meth Accident

A couple of years earlier than the movie’s occasions, Ed and Chris had been meth cooks. The varsity calls saying Ed Jr was sick with abdomen ache. Given Steph was busy at work, Ed goes to select him up. Steph doesn’t understand Ed was in an unlawful drug lab, the place he took Ed Jr. An accident causes the lab to blow up. Ed makes it out alive, Chris’s mind is fried, and Ed Jr is killed.

Why do Zeke and Steph plan the murders?

Ed and Chris – Arrested for blowing up and killing Ed Jr
Andy – The prosecutor towards Ed and Chris on the case
Brad Dawkins – The Choose on the case

Ed paid Andy to drop the reckless manslaughter cost. Andy took the bribe, and that explains his fancy Porsche. He traded a boy’s life for a automobile.

Choose Dawkins was blackmailed with a tape of him along with his homosexual lover, and he signed off on Ed’s plea.

Ed and Chris received away with simply 8 months of jail time and, as soon as out, received again to their previous methods. They don’t have the slightest repentance regardless that Ed thinks the child was his personal son.

Zeke and Steph need revenge on all 4.

Shimmer Lake: Plot Defined Linearly: What occurred?

The movie ran backwards superbly. Although Memento and Irreversible achieved this earlier than, Shimmer Lake did a incredible job of reversed story-telling. For the sake of ease, I’ll summarize the occasions within the ahead course.

Over many months, it seems Steph has been main Andy on to imagine she’s concerned with him. Andy thinks that sooner or later he can run away with Steph and begin a brand new life. Steph assembles Ed, Chris, and Andy and tells them concerning the financial institution heist and prepares them over a time period.


andy chris and ed

  • Steph presents Ed an opportunity to stroll away. This can be a take a look at to see if he even remotely feels regret. This scene is essential as a result of part of the plan is to supply an exit, however Ed doesn’t take it.
  • The financial institution is owned by Choose Dawkins, so Ed calls him and blackmails him once more with a tape that exposes the Choose’s secret affairs along with his homosexual lover. Choose Dawkins provides away the mix of the secure within the financial institution.
  • Zeke is the sheriff in control of the night time guard on the financial institution. The sequence begins off hilariously and ends with the grotesque dying of Ed. Zeke and Steph disclose that Ed Jr is definitely their youngster, and Ed was chargeable for his dying. Zeke shoots and kills Ed.
  • Steph shoots Zeke after he anesthetizes his hand.
  • Steph drives Ed away in his automobile to a distant location and buries him and the car. Steph retains the cash.
  • Zeke requires backup and lies in Ed’s pool of blood.
  • Andy and Chris drive away listening to the pictures and assume that Ed tricked them and made away with the cash.


  • Zeke will get a name from Andy, and Zeke extracts a confession from Andy that he did take a bribe to drop costs on Ed. 
  • Steph calls Chris over, saying she’s ready with Ed and the cash at a motel.
  • Steph calls Choose Dawkins to the motel, saying she has the videotape.
  • On the motel, Steph seduces Chris to have him put his gun down. When the Choose enters and picks up Chris’ gun, she provokes Chris to quarrel with the Choose, who shoots and kills Chris consequently. Contemplating how skinny motel partitions are, the bullets fired on the lavatory would have killed Steph too. However she walks out unscratched.
  • Steph forces Choose Dawkins to maintain the cash which he takes with him again house.


judge dawson shimmer lake

  • After sending his household away to their vacation house, Choose Dawkins calls house his homosexual lover.
  • Steph meets with Andy and lies to him that Choose Dawkins and Ed are in cahoots and the Choose has the cash. She makes him imagine that when Andy has the cash, the 2 of them can elope.
  • Steph wounds her face and lies to the authorities saying Ed came to visit and hit her. She additionally says that Ed plans to go away for Mexico.
  • Andy winds up and by chance kills the Choose in a scuffle. He takes the cash and leaves for his home.


  • Andy is seen by his daughter whereas hiding within the basement. Zeke permits Andy to flee.
  • Andy drives away and calls Steph to inform her he has the cash and can meet her at Shimmer Lake.
  • Zeke and Steph present up at Shimmer Lake and kill Andy and drive away with the cash.

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