Want Assist! VMX 24 Door points Ultimax controller


Want Assist! VMX 24 Door points Ultimax controller

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    Default VMX 24 Door points Ultimax controller

    At M30 the machine will cease, program rewinds and doorways launch,
    At M00 and M01 Machine will cease, spindle stops however doorways keep locked
    If I manually take away a instrument, After which begin this system, The machine will run until that instrument is modified into the spindle,
    Then the machine stops and a message come up “Put instrument into Spindle” and the doorways might be unlocked.
    I’ve tried the Interupt button, Doorways stay locked.
    I really want to have the doorways unlock on the M01 or M00.
    I’ve checked the inputs and outputs however can not discover something out.
    Is there a ladder, like in a Fanuc controller I can entry to see why the M00/M01 may not be functioning.
    Is there a parameter that must be enabled to permit these to perform.

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VMX 24 Door issues Ultimax controller

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