CNC to Place a Half Holder jig for Brazing


CNC to Place a Half Holder jig for Brazing

  1. Default CNC to Place a Half Holder jig for Brazing

    My purpose to make use of the CNC Machine to Plot & Place a Half Holder Jig on the desk in actual appropriate place whereas stopping in order that I can Weld/braze the Half to the Desk, then re-starting on to the following plot & place. I must Plot the XY-Place & Z-Rotation of the Half Holder Jig on the desk within the actual place of the 3D Modeled Half. The Components are positioned precisely in a 3D File Format, DXF, OBJ, 3DStudio, and many others.. My enquiry your advisory on how you can make the CAM Toolpath do that. I’ve failed to perform this easy process in CAM. place the instrument “Half Holder Jig” on the middle of the 3D Modeled half, flip the Software in Z-Rotate to the identical Diploma because the 3D Modeled half & cease the machine so I can insert the precise 3d Modeled half & Braze it to the Desk.

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CNC to Position a Part Holder jig for Brazing

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