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Hello, that is Barry, and welcome to my website. 41 is a 2012 time-travel film written and directed by Glenn Triggs made with a teeny tiny finances. The plot is centred on a person whose life will get turned the other way up when he winds up at a motel to find a gap within the rest room flooring that takes him again by means of time. An enormous thanks to a lot of my readers for recommending this film to me. There’s loads occurring on this movie, so I’ve created a timeline diagram to assist with the plot-walkthrough. Right here’s the plot evaluation and the ending of the 2012 time-travel film 41 defined, spoilers forward.

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Listed here are hyperlinks to the important thing facets of the film:

Earlier than we start, we have to set up the foundations of time journey within the film 41. When one goes again in time, they go away their very own timeline and wind up prior to now by 12 hours in one among many parallel universes (a.ok.a timelines). That is much like the time journey in Avengers: Endgame and Primer’s time journey logic. What does this indicate? It signifies that Aidan can’t return in time to vary his personal previous; he can by no means save his Lauren. He can solely alter and have an effect on the previous occasions of different timelines. What’s extra? Each timeline has visits from multiple Aidan at varied cut-off dates. I do know this sounds complicated, so let’s undergo the occasions one timeline at a time.

41 Film: Timeline Diagram

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41 Film: Timeline-1 Defined (Prime Timeline)

That is the prime timeline the place the film begins. That is the Aidan the movie follows from the start to the ending of the film 41; we’ll name him Aidan-1. This doesn’t imply that Timeline-1 is the one to provoke the time-travel mess. It’s merely one of many numerous timelines caught within the net of interlocked timelines. The numbering from 1 is only for comfort. It’s important to know that there are different Aidan’s in Timeline-1 that the plot doesn’t comply with. They’re from different undisclosed timelines:

  • Aidan-a, who exhibits up and says, “Don’t go to the Heathscape motel”. He seems to be right here to cease the accident however is the one who causes it in Timeline-1.
  • Aidan-b, the outdated supervisor of the motel. He seems to have gone to the previous to save lots of his grandfather however failed. Why failed? Keep in mind, the grandmother is alone in Timeline-1.
  • There is also others – Aidan-c, who’s taken into custody, and Aidan-d, who breaks Aidan-c out and leaves a hacksaw for him. Although this isn’t proven within the movie, it is extremely probably that these occasions occur in Timeline-1 simply as they do within the different timelines.

Timeline-1’s Foremost Occasions

41 Movie Timeline 1 Explained

  • Aidan-1’s day begins nicely sufficient together with his philosophy examination. 
  • Aidan-1 is met by his doppelganger (Aidan-a) warning him to not go to the Heathscape motel. 
  • Aidan-1 goes to the hospital to spend time with Grandma-1. 
  • Aidan-1 will get a name from his buddy Nick-1 who asks for his brother’s center identify. Aidan-1 responds appropriately and hangs up. At this level (not proven), Nick-1 is sitting with one other Aidan (maybe Aidan-a) who’s claiming to be a time traveller.
  • Aidan-1 goes to the motel and meets his ex-girlfriend, Lauren-1.
  • Lauren-1 and Aidan-1 head to a diner. We hear somebody drop plates. That is brought on by the opposite Aidan (probably Aidan-a) however will not be proven on display.
  • Aidan-1 provides Lauren-1 a raise house, they usually meet with an accident. We’re proven that the individual on the highway is one other Aidan, however just for a fraction of a second (once more, that is most likely Aidan-a).
  • Aidan-1 is on the hospital, and Lauren-1 dies. 
  • A set of cops (cops-1) inform him to remain within the hospital as he’s being charged with homicide.
  • A affected person tells Aidan-1 that he must go to room 41 of the Heathscape motel and discover a gap within the rest room flooring. This isn’t proven, however this man was earlier on the motel and occurred to see one other Aidan (Aidan-a) magically seem from the lavatory. After that, he investigates the lavatory and eventually cuts his wrists and is admitted (Aidan-a makes the 911 name). We’ll name this chap Affected person-X1.
  • Aidan-1 goes to the motel, finds the opening in room 41 and enters it. He travels again in time and leaves Timeline-1, and goes to Timeline-2.

Simply to make a degree right here, Timeline-1’s folks would have out of the blue had their Aidan-1 disappear on them. All they’d know is he ran away from the hospital and went lacking. And could be skilled by each parallel universe so long as Aidan from that universe makes use of room 41’s rest room flooring portal.

41 Film: Timeline-2 Defined

41 Movie Timeline 2 Explained

  • Aidan-1 arrives in Timeline-2 12 hours sooner than he left Timeline-1.
  • Aidan-1 exits the lavatory and runs into Affected person-X2, leaping on the mattress. Affected person-X2 has not but met an Aidan but.
  • Aidan-1 leaves the room to see Aidan-2 and Lauren-2 heading out. Aidan-1 follows them.
  • On the diner, Aidan-1 runs into his professor, Wertz-2, who tells him a couple of assembly he has with different professors to debate philosophy.
  • Aidan-1 knocks over a bunch of plates. This occasion tells us that Timeline-1 additionally had one other Aidan (Aidan-a) who broke the plates.
  • Aidan-1 runs to the spot of the accident and waves his fingers desperately. Lauren-2 sees him and pulls on the steering wheel, inflicting the accident.
  • Aidan-1 returns to the motel in disbelief. Within the room, Affected person-X2 is mendacity together with his wrists slit, and Aidan-1 calls 911. That is how we all know that in Timeline-1, one other Aidan (Aidan-a) saved Affected person-X1.
  • Aidan-1 enters the opening within the rest room flooring and leaves Timeline-2, and goes to Timeline-3 12 hours prior.

41 Film: Timeline-3 Defined

41 Movie Timeline 3 Explained

  • Aidan-1 hoes house, takes a nap and talks to Nick-3 and Jess-3 about his time-travel episodes. Aidan-1 asks Nick-3 to name their Aidan (Aidan-3).
  • Nick-3 calls, Aidan-3 picks up. Nick-3 asks what his brother’s center identify is and will get the proper response. That is how we all know that in Timeline-1, the opposite Aidan (Aidan-a) was with Nick-1 when Aidan-1 receives the decision on the hospital.
  • Aidan-3 goes to the positioning of the accident to see one other Aidan (Aidan-e) waiving his fingers. Aidan-1 pushes Aidan-e out of the best way and punches him within the face. I discover it odd that an individual might smack himself from a totally totally different parallel universe but really feel the ache.
  • The accident happens anyway. We don’t know why. Maybe one other Aidan (Aidan-f) got here to that spot and waved as Aidan-1 was beating up Aidan-e.
  • Aidan-1 goes over to the automobile, takes lifeless Lauren-3 and heads to the motel. He tries to take her with him by means of the opening. Aidan-1 leaves Timeline-3 and goes to Timeline-4 12 hours prior.

41 Film: Timeline-4 Defined

41 Movie Timeline 4 Explained

  • Aidan-1 arrives in Timeline-4, however Lauren-3’s physique didn’t make it. It appears to be like the lifeless don’t journey by means of timelines, or Lauren-3’s physique was despatched to a unique unknown Timeline.
  • Aidan-1 goes over to his professor’s home, Wertz-4. Right here he learns that he’s misplaced among the many infinite parallel universes. And neither can he hope to return to his personal Timeline-1, nor can he save his Lauren-1. Wertz-4 advises that any soar again in time needs to be made for the correct causes.
  • Disillusioned, Aidan-1 wanders the town and is caught by cops-4.
  • On the station, Aidan-1 tries to inform the reality. He’s damaged out by an Aidan from one other timeline, Aidan-g.
  • Discovering a strategically positioned hacksaw, Aidan-1 cuts himself free and makes a run for it.
  • Aidan-1 loses cops-4 and breaks right into a storage to noticed the rest of the handcuff. As he picks the hacksaw, Aidan-1 realizes that one other Aidan from one other timeline helped him get free.
  • Figuring out he must do the identical in his following timeline, Aidan-1 takes the noticed to the motel. Aidan-1 leaves Timeline-4 and goes to Timeline-5 12 hours prior.

41 Film: Timeline-5 Defined

41 Movie Timeline 5 Explained

  • Aidan-1 triggers the alarm on the station and leaves the hacksaw underneath the garbage can. He does this as he is aware of some Aidan (Aidan-h) is held captive by the cops-5 on this timeline.

How is Affected person-X a Lawyer in that diner scene?

  • Aidan-1 goes to a diner the place he sees Affected person-X5, who’s not misplaced his thoughts and claims to be a lawyer. Affected person-X5 says that he had enrolled for the struggle in his youth, however one thing made him change his thoughts. Whereas we’re not proven this Affected person-X from some timeline has arrived prior to now of Timeline-5 and altered a vital second inflicting a cascading impact on Affected person-X5’s life. As a substitute of going to struggle and shedding his thoughts, he’s now a reputed lawyer.
  • Aidan-1 will get a name from the hospital and heads over to satisfy Grandma-5. Seems to be like she’s fading and goes to die quickly. She sorrowfully remembers how a golf ball precipitated her husband to drown in 1957 and has missed him ever since. Aidan-1 realizes that in a minimum of one timeline, he can save his grandfather.
  • Aidan-1 heads again to the motel and leaves Timeline-5, and goes to Timeline-6 12 hours prior.

41 Film: Timeline-6 Defined

41 Movie Timeline 6 Explained

  • Aidan-1 runs into Affected person-X, who will not be from Timeline-6. How do we all know? This Affected person-X appears to learn about time journey and acknowledges Aidan-1. It seems he has no recollection was what day it’s. 
  • The lodge supervisor exhibits up, and Aidan-1 and Affected person-X run into the lavatory. Affected person-X confirms to Aidan-1 that it’s doable to vary a timeline if one influences the correct moments.
  • Affected person-X makes use of the opening and disappears to an unknown timeline.
  • Aidan-1 leaves Timeline-6 and goes to Timeline-7 12 hours prior.

41 Film: Timeline-…… Defined

Aidan-1 repeatedly makes use of the opening to maintain going backwards in time by means of varied timelines. He takes breaks to revisit his breakup after which the sooner unforgettable moments of his relationship with Lauren. Keep in mind, Aidan-1 is traversing by means of a number of timelines right here, one per every soar backwards in time.

41 Film: Ending Defined: Timeline-N

41 Movie Timeline Ending Explained

After numerous journeys out and in of the opening (about 40,150 instances, okay, I counted), Aidan-1 goes again to the yr 1957 in Timeline-N, a day earlier than Grandpa-N drowned and meets him. To make sure Grandpa-N doesn’t swim over to the golf ball and drown, Aidan-1 presents him a golf ball however tells him to not open the current simply but. When Grandpa-N strikes his ball into the lake, he decides to go swim and get it. Upon feeling his pocket, he realizes Aidan-1 has gifted him a golf ball. Content material, he walks away house. Grandpa-N doesn’t die and lives fortunately with Grandma-N. Within the ending of the film 41, we’re proven that in Timeline-N, Grandpa-N is by the bedside of Grandma-N.

Who’s the supervisor at Heathscape motel?

On the finish of the film 41, it’s revealed that the outdated motel supervisor is Aidan. On this timeline (Timeline-N), Aidan-1 has was capable of save his grandfather. That is an distinctive timeline. In case you discover, the grandmother was on their lonesome in all different timelines despite the fact that these timelines had an outdated supervisor Aidan. Maybe the golf ball reward trick didn’t work in alternate timelines, or the opposite Aidans took a unique method to save lots of the grandfather and failed.

Is Lauren saved, or is she lifeless?

dafna kronental 41 movie was lauren saved

Whereas the 41 film ending exhibits Aidan-N and Lauren-N deciding to stroll as a substitute of taking the automobile, this didn’t occur in most of the different timelines. In Timeline-N, outdated Aidan-1 meets a younger Aidan-N to inform him to go to the Heathscape motel. When Aidan-N is considering dropping Lauren-N again house, he appears to be like as much as see the supervisor, outdated Aidan-1. Aidan-N doesn’t know why the supervisor referred to as him to the motel, however he considers this to be a second of divine intervention. Maybe, to spend an extended time with Lauren-N, Aidan-N provides to stroll her house. She agrees, and the 2 go away. Previous Aidan-1 smiles fortunately as he’s understood the best way to affect circumstances to vary the occasions. 

So sure, this Lauren-N has been saved, and this Aidan-N could not journey by means of time. However this joyful ending is restricted to a small set of timelines the place an Aidan might make the correct impression. Sadly, the remaining majority of the universes could have Lauren dying and Aidan disappearing.

What are your ideas on the film 41? Drop a remark under, let’s focus on!

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